19 May 2010

Bruce and Berd Radio Hour Sunday, May 16, 20101 (20100516)

I posted the following on OlyBlog yesterday, but something seems to have gone awry with the server. So I am re-posting this here. A link to the original is here. Hopefully OlyBlog will be back up and running soon!

The latest issue of the Bruce and Berd talk radio hour is available for listening on the Internet. Unfortunately, due to logistical difficulties, we were unable to record last week's (May 9th) episode (although it was a great show.) So if you want to be sure to be able to listen, the best way to do that is to tune in to KOWA 106.5 LP FM on Sundays from 7 to 8 pm. I will continue to make efforts to record upcoming shows and upload them to the Internet.

This week's show covers topics including: sexual orientation, the oil disaster in the gulf, and local politics - including the situation with Jeff Kingsbury and Joe Hyer (Bruce thinks that Jeff should volunteer to perform Joe's community service hours, and Berd thinks that Jeff owes Joe an apology,) and the applications for the upcoming appointment of a replacement for former Councilor Hyer.

We also had a caller. Thanks for calling, Laurian.

We are currently using a pen recorder. The show starts out with a 10 minute video produced by Yoko Ono, with John Lennon, talking about the "WAR IS OVER, IF YOU WANT IT" campaign. I'll include the (youtube) video below.

audio here



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