23 May 2010

Angela Davis and Antwi Akom at Evergreen

On Saturday, May 22, 2010 Antwi Akoma and Angela Davis appeared at the Evergreen State College near Olympia, Washington. The two were invited to speak by the Student of Color Union and Synergy (which is a week-long conference about eco-sustainability.)

There were close to two thousand people in attendance. Here's Angela Davis on stage in the CRC gymnasium:
Audience in CRC

Angela Davis
Angela Davis's speech focused on problems relating to the punitive justice system, and ranged broadly on specific topics relating to the injustices of structural socio-economic racism and inequity, privatization of the prison industry (and higher education,) as well as the problems of ecological unsustainability as they relate to capitalism and a corporate culture that favors profits over human rights, economic justice, ecological sustainability, healthy individuals and a healthy environment.

Antwi Akom
Antwi Akom's speech focused on addressing the problem of "eco-apartheid" —a term Akom used to elucidate upon the problem of environmental racism. Akom's speech was titled "Race, Power, and the Environment: Creating a New Global Vision of Equity and Sustainability for All".

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