24 May 2010

Obama, "War is Necessary" + Political Art on Display at the Northern

Recently, in a commencement address at a military school (West Point,) President Obama said that while war is abhorrent, that it is also "necessary". I see it differently.

I believe that war is only necessary because the USA has policies of taking without asking. Policies and politics, a political economy, of territorial conquest - of resource acquisition at gun point - under the threat of violence.

I believe that war is not necessary for the legitimate security needs of the people of the USA, nor of anyone.

Instead, war is only necessary to defend what are essentially violent and destructive economic and political policies.

Another world is possible, a world of economic and ecological sustainability and justice, fairness and equity. A world where people treat each other well, and do not exploit each other. A respectful, peaceful, harmonious world where people do not put each other down, nor beat each other up.

Peace is possible!

In other news, there is some political art on display at Northern, an All Ages Venue in downtown Olympia, Washington. I think the art is really great. I recommend checking it out. Here's a short slideshow introduction to some of the works.

You can find more information about the displays and the venue here: Northern | The Olympia All Ages Project.

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