31 May 2010

Thousands of Years of War Have Not Brought Peace

"It's Peace!"Thousands of years of war, and we're still without peace. This is something I heard Rev. James Lawson say during an event in Olympia, Washington.

It is true. Thousands of years of violence and war, and the world is no less violent than it was thousands of years ago. If anything, the world is more violent.

On this memorial, I wish for an end to violence, an end to all violence, an end to all war. I wish that the root causes of war be addressed, so that no person has to suffer the unnecessary violence that is the product of war.

I wish for a true enlightenment for the people of this planet, so that we may live in harmony, cooperatively, and without doing harm to each other, nor to the natural world that bounds and surrounds our societies.

I wish for an end to all unnecessary suffering.

I wish for renaissance of nonviolence - that more and more people learn about the practice, potential and promise for creating a wholly new cultural paradigm (one that is based on respect and cooperation, compassion and kindness - rather than dominance and bullying, and taking without asking.)

The potential for nonviolence to bring such a shift is exciting, and I hope more people learn about nonviolent resistance. Berd

...A peaceful world: ecological sustainability, economic justice, economic stability... economic cooperation - not domination... mutual prosperity for all people: include everyone!

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