30 May 2010

There is Beauty, even in a Natural Disaster

It may be perverse, but I think there may even be some beauty to be found in nightmare horror that is the terror of the multi-national corporation quest to find the environmental bottom. hahaha! not REALLY - except perhaps in limited circumstances like the one seen below in a photo by Richard Perry of the New York Times, who photographed this stunning image of the red crude fossil fuel petroleum as it has reached the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the recent Deep Water Horizon major industrial disaster.

What a sad state of affairs. I think it is just plain wrong for anyone to profit from environmentally destructive activities.

update: p.s. NOT that this man-made volcano is a natural disaster... But it is a disaster, and this image is somewhat beautiful. Though there are plenty of disturbing and alarming images that are not beautiful. I have been impressed with ongoing coverage of this issue in the New York Times. Although I think that the paper, and the mainstream media in general, are not doing anywhere near enough to question the underlying root-causes of this disaster. I think questions need to be asked about industrialization and technology, and about how people are profiting from the most destructive, abusive and violent endeavors.

The view of red oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico that BP chief executive, Tony Hayward, saw during aerial tour on May 6, 2010
photo by Richard Perry, The New York Times

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